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As a token of our appreciation of having you as a customer we would like to give you £20 to shop for!

Code: bemar11EN20
Valid until: 6th of April 2011

Why not print some more copies of your book, make a new book or give the code to someone who would like to make their own book?!


You can choose to pay via bank transfer instead of using a credit card. Please notice that your order will be put on hold until we have registered your payment - this could delay your delivery. 

We wish you a great weekend!
/Hampus & Tobias Schildfat, brothers and founders

At Solentro you can make your own book, photo book, photo album, wedding book, graduation book (yearbook), christening book, book of remembrance,blog book, retirement book, "my first book" - we focus on simplicity and usability which opens up for your creativity!


"We loved your site, it's a great idea and very easy to use - thank you!" Claire Mankowitz, London

* The discount only apply to the price of your book and can not be combined with any other offers. Shipping and handling not included.

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