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Your age doesn't matter when making a book!

Sven Lundin, 80 years old, made a book at Solentro - he wrote about his life, memories from the good old days and all the experiences he had throughout his life. He made 20 copies and gave them to his children and grand children.

Do you think they enjoyed the book?

Of course they did - it will be a long lasting memory but also the possibility for his relatives to share his life and words with future generations!

We believe that it is very important that the stories our elderly carry won't be forgotten - I really hope you decide to put your words into print and make your own book!

A letter from Sven to us:

"Hello!, My book has become very popular in the family and has even spread to others outside our family. Here are some comments from some of my readers:

"Hey Grandpa. I just wanted to say thank so much for sharing your book with us. It was beautiful, and really wonderful to read about your life and the time that has passed. Kisses and Hugs, Karolina (grand child)"

"Thanks for a very interesting book. I could'nt not stop until I had read the entire book. I read it on Christmas Eve. Interesting that you have such good memory for events and names. Tom (grand child's boyfriend)"

Many warm greetings from a very happy writer, Sven "MY LIFE"

What are you waiting for? Make your own book today!

/Hampus & Tobias Schildfat, brothers and founders

At Solentro you can make your own book, photo book, photo album, wedding book, graduation book (yearbook), christening book, book of remembrance, blog book, retirement book, "my first book" - we focus on simplicity and usability which opens up for your creativity!



Translation: My Life by Sven Lundin. I dedicate this book to my loving wife and my big and happy family.


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