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Valentine's Day!

As usual, this day is a special occasion for you to show the people around you that you love them!

Make your own "declaration of love" to a dear one - surprise him or her on Valentine's Day with a personal book made by YOU!

Also, this is the story about how Solentro came to be... see The story behind Solentro below!

An improvement!

When you add multiple pages with text, you can now easily access and edit the correct page directly from the overview by double-clicking on the page you wish to edit - the cursor will then appear at the top of the exact page which you double-clicked!

Thanks to your feedback and positive response we can develop Solentro in the right direction - THANK YOU!

"Thank you very much! By the way, I love your site, it was very easy to use and also very effective, no complications at all. Thank you very much.
/Riaz York, Leicester

The story behind Solentro!

People often ask us what Solentro means.

Solentro is a word we have created. To us it means ”to give” – that's how it all started.

Hampus & Tobias Schildfat, brothers and founders, wanted to give something unique and very personal to their father on his birthday. They contacted friends and family and asked them to describe him.

Out of these greetings they made a book.

What they presented was a journey through time and a story about himself. It was a greatly appreciated gift and soon Solentro was born...

Now, five years later, anyone can make their own book at Solentro! We have helped customers in twenty different countries to achieve this.

The journey continues and we hope you will join us!


/Hampus & Tobias Schildfat, brothers and founders

At Solentro you can make your own bookphoto bookphoto albumwedding bookgraduation book (yearbook),
christening bookbook of remembrance,blog bookretirement book, "my first book"
- we focus on simplicity and usability which opens up for your creativity!

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