Former CEO-assistant speaks out...

After working with Solentro for almost a year, I am handing over to my skilled successor Karolina with both joy and a little regret. Joy because it's been a fun time at the company where I have learnt many thing, and a little regret because I am leaving what is in my opinion a top-class company.

During my time at Solentro I have worked with a variety of things that have all taught me different lessons. There has been daily work with the customer and newsletters but also meetings with customers at trade shows, work with graphic material, strategic discussions, and more. I have always felt involved in the company right from day one and felt that my opinions and ideas are valued. I think that this is partially the foundation stone of Solentro - nothing is really impossible. Obviously, there are reasonable limits, like all companies with a budget, but as long as you show enthusiasm and interest, you can really get to be a part of helping Solentro move forwards.

Hampus and Tobias, the CEOs at Solentro, are two enthusiasts who make Solentro possible. Their commitment to customers and user-friendliness has made my job easier, because every problem is seen as a key to finding a more permanent solution. Working at a company with generally very satisfied customers is also a good springboard for solving problems effectively. Hampus and Tobias are also very nice people to work with and often contribute jokes and advice where needed. Every now and then there are small breaks where you can talk a bit, and at least once a semester we go for a lavish meal after work or similar and socialise! Tobias and Hampus are not afraid to give honest feedback, which I appreciated very much because it gave me the chance to constantly improve.

Other benefits of working at the company have been flexible hours and the ability to work from home. As I was studying in parallel with the work this suited me really well. The office where Solentro are housed offers breakfast every Thursday and has a generally very nice and entrepreneurial atmosphere.

I would therefore recommend Solentro to anyone who is eager to put themselves into a smaller company, where ideas and entrepreneurial spirit is always welcome and you as a person are seen and appreciated for your contributions. Thank you for this time, Hampus and Tobias


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Exceptional satisfaction!

Thankful greetings!

/Hampus & Tobias Schildfat, brothers and founders

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